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MPF View

View of the Martian surface from the Mars Pathfinder lander (1997)

This Guide continues the discussion of Mars begun in Guide 16 and covers the successful Martian lander missions and the tantalizing but still marginal evidence for an early biosphere on Mars.

F. Viking Lander Missions (1976)

Artist's concept of Mars Pathfinder Rover

G. Mars Pathfinder Mission (1997)

H. Mars Exploration Rover Mission (2004)

The wall of Victoria Crater as seen by the Opportunity Rover

I. Mars Phoenix Lander (2008)

J. Mars Science Laboratory/Curiosity Lander (2012)

K. "SNC" Meteorites: an unexpected window on Mars

L. Microscopic Life on Mars??

M. Martian Satellites

N. Expeditions to Mars

Artist's concept of a human expedition to Valles Marinaris.

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