Astronomy 1210 (O'Connell)
Study Guides

Lectures in this course will not always closely follow the textbook, and some will be entirely independent of it. The study guides contain reading assignments for each lecture and notes on the main points which will be covered in the lecture together with pertinent illustrations and web links. Each guide will be posted to the web site before the relevant lecture.

It will be to your advantage to have done the assigned reading before coming to class, but you are not required to have done so.

To take full advantage of the guides, you should print out a hardcopy of each guide before the lecture and bring it to class with you. Plan to annotate the guides with your own notes during class.

Most guides are in HTML format for easiest retrieval by browser over the Web. For PDF material you will need Adobe reader or the equivalent

The guides are designed to be displayed in a window with an aspect ratio matching standard printer paper in "portrait" orientation: height:width = 4:3.

Making hardcopies:

Web links:

Some of the material shown during classes is also posted here in the form of PowerPoint files. Each contains a superset of the slides used in a given class meeting and is provided more as a resource for other teachers rather than as a self-contained reproduction of the actual presentation.

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