Astronomy 1230 Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

Lectures in this course will be topic-oriented and will not closely follow the structure of either the Lab Manual or Edmund's Mag 5 Star Atlas. Updated notes for the lecture presentations will be posted here the Friday before each lecture. Most will be in HTML format for easiest retrieval over the Web, but you may need an Adobe Acrobat reader for some material.

The guides are designed to be displayed in a window with an aspect ratio matching standard printer paper in "portrait" orientation: height:width = 4:3.

It's best to read over the notes before lecture so you can be prepared with questions if something isn't clear. In any case, you should make a hardcopy of the notes and bring it to class to mark up.

Review Quizzes

To help you think about and consolidate the material in each lecture and reading assignment, you are expected to complete a brief review quiz each week. The quizzes will be posted to the UVa Collab Page for ASTR 1230 and will be open for you to take for one week after each lecture. They will be graded, and maximum possible credit during the semester will be 75 points. You must use your Eservices login and password to access Collab.

Web Links

Web links to other useful information or pertinent illustrations are included on the guides and on the ASTR 1230 Web Links page. You are encouraged to use these to make the subject matter more interesting or clear...but you are not required to know any of this additional material unless it was discussed in class.

[First class meeting: no lecture notes]

Lecture 1: Introduction to the Night Sky & Constellations

Lecture 2: Introduction to Telescopes

Lecture 3: Observing Techniques

Lecture 4: Solar System Astronomy

Lecture 5: Stellar Astronomy

Lecture 6: Galactic Astronomy

Lecture 7: Astronomical Imaging

Review Questions for Midterm

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